The Windfall Protocol is a decentralized protocol created to address multi-party coordination challenges faced by place-based energy efficiency initiatives.

Designed for real-world implementation as part of the Canada Greener Homes initiative, the protocol will facilitate energy usage data sharing and efficiency retrofits for 200,000 homes in Durham Region, Canada.

The design of the protocol is described in its Litepaper, created by Jessica Zartler and Jeff Emmett of BlockScience (credits), informed by representatives from community groups, municipal agencies and utility companies serving the region.

Litepaper Highlights

We recognize that some readers may find the full 42-page litepaper overwhelming, or may not have time to read the whole document. The Windfall Protocol Community has created these Litepaper Highlights to help you find the information that's important to you:

We welcome your questions and feedback, regardless of your level of familiarity with the litepaper.

Request for Feedback

A key objective of the litepaper is to inform constructive feedback of the protocol and inspire clarifying questions and thoughtful discussion around the protocol and its potential use cases beyond the pilot project.

Your feedback is crucial to the effective development and implementation of the Windfall Protocol. Please consider sharing your questions and feedback using the form linked below, or join our discussion forum on Discord.

All feedback will be recognized using our community token, $ENERGY, which entitles holders to benefits such as impact attestations, participant NFT's and eligibility for future utility drops.

We also invite you to join the Windfall Protocol Community to participate in ongoing discussions and community events.


This report was written by Jessica Zartler & Jeff Emmett of BlockScience, Michael Lewkowitz of Possibilian, and Brent Kopperson of Windfall Ecology Centre, with input and feedback from Michael Zargham, David Sisson & Kelsie Nabben of BlockScience, and Rowan Yeoman, Ananth Nandakishore and rathermercurial.eth from SuperBenefit DAO.

Special thanks to members of the Pilot Stakeholder group and Windfall Protocol Community, without whom this research would not be possible.

Protocol Research Group

The Windfall Protocol Research Group are delegates of participating organizations who contributed to the protocol design and stewardship of the initial grant-funded project.

Participating organizations include:

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