Windfall Protocol Community Docs

Community documentation for the Windfall Protocol project.
Windfall Protocol is a collaborative effort to design a decentralized protocol addressing multi-party coordination challenges faced by place-based energy efficiency initiatives.
The goal of this project is to create an energy efficiency labeling protocol design (litepaper) to augment residential energy retrofit efforts currently underway as part of the Canada Greener Homes Initiative.

The goal of the community is to contribute ideas and resources to the development and implementation of the energy efficiency protocol itself, as well as suggestion and developing innovation on top of the protocol.
Community Membership is open to all individuals who wish to participate. Prospective members can apply by reading the role description and filling out the signup form.

The Windfall Protocol Community provides members an opportunity to explore web3 tools and concepts while earning roles and participation rewards.
These guides have been created by the community to help members learn the basic skills of web3:
How-to guides are created upon request. Visit the Support page to learn how to request a new article.

Other Info

The Windfall Protocol community is hosted by the WP cell at SuperBenefit DAO. Check out the Support page for more information.
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