Creating a web3 Wallet

For those who are new to crypto/web3, here is a guide that will help you set up a wallet that we will be using in this project.

The word wallet in web3 is a bit misleading, because really it’s much more than a place to store currency. It’s more like your passport to web3, an identity card, gallery, and safety deposit box combined.

For the Windfall Protocol project, we'll be guiding people to use Zerion's wallet, but if you already have experience managing your own wallet, or want to explore other options, feel free to use whatever you're most comfortable with.

Get your Zerion Smart Wallet

Download the Zerion mobile app on iOS or Android (if you would rather use a wallet through your desktop, please reach out for help installing a wallet this way).

On the first screen you’ll see several options:

  • Create new wallet — set up a brand new address

  • Import existing wallet — you can import any other wallet you already have via its Secret Recovery Phrase (aka seed phrase, recovery phrase, or secret phrase) or the private key

  • Connect wallet — you can add other supported mobile wallets you have on your phone and Zerion will track them as part of your portfolio

When you select create new wallet, you'll be prompted to choose a 6 digit passcode. Please note that this PIN is not the seed phrase for your wallet, and is just a way to secure the app on your phone.

Zerion will take you through a very short tutorial on safety practices while your wallet is being created, and once it is, you will have your own address to use across any blockchain that the Zerion app supports. As soon as the wallet is created, the app will ask if you want to backup your wallet in case your device is lost or stolen. Tap through on the backup button and select one of the two methods that are available: backing up through iCloud/Google Drive or a Manual backup. If you're brand new to the space, we suggest choosing the iCloud/Google option.

You won't need any funds in your wallet to participate in all the aspects of the Windfall Protocol project, but you might if you want to explore other parts of the web3 space. If you do choose to keep any significant funds in your wallet, please be aware that best practice is to keep your secret phrase stored physically in a secure location, and choosing the Manual option would be what you'd want to do here. You can also create multiple wallets if you want to start out just using a seed phrase stored in iCloud/Google Drive and decide you want to explore more of the space later, so don't feel like this will restrict you going forward.

Once you have your seed phrase backed up, you're free to start exploring the web3 space! If it's relevant, a site will usually have a 'Connect Wallet' button somewhere, tapping that should allow you to connect your wallet. We'll be using a platform called Snapshot for voting, look out for a guide on how to connect and use it soon.

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