Windfall Protocol Community membership is open to the public and free for everyone. Members get access to community discussion spaces, digital collectibles and other perks. Retrospective benefits may also be granted to active community members as the project matures into its fundraising and implementation phases.

If you don't want to join the community, you're still invited to participate in the chat, attend our bi-weekly community calls and receive email updates by signing up to our community calendar.

How to Join

Membership is available to all aligned members of the web3 community who consent to the code of conduct and privacy policy.

Participation by token-enabled community members is a key performance metric used by the protocol research group. In order to track our progress toward these goals, we request that members provide us with a small amount of personal information (namely their public wallet address) in an anonymized and privacy-preserving manner. Check out our Privacy Policy for more information.

We've created options to streamline this process for both community members and the project team: Community Quests and the Signup Form.

Signup Form

You can join the community using the Signup Form if you prefer not to use the self-service Discord Quests. Follow these steps to submit your application:

  1. Create an Ethereum Wallet (see Creating a web3 Wallet)

  2. Fill out the Signup Form

  3. Wait for a member of the project team to process your application.

Once you've been issued a role badge, a team member will ping you in the chat and welcome you to the community. Be sure to join the SuperBenefit Discord server for access.

Community Quests

You can also join the community by completing self-service onboarding quests in our Discord chat space. Quests allow prospective members to use bot interactions to submit their wallet address and perform several other important actions within the community (like introducing yourself in the chat and reading these docs).

Follow these instructions to join the Windfall Protocol Community using our self-service onboarding quests:

  1. Navigate to the #wp-quests channel and use the /quests command to see a list of available quests

  2. Complete enough quests to earn 100 XP and attain Level 2

  3. Wait for a member of the team to issue your role badge

Role Details

Members are given the "Windfall Protocol Community Member" role in SuperBenefit DAO. This role may be revoked or replaced at the end of the project.

Eligibility Criteria

Community members are expected to adhere to these eligibility requirements in order to retain access and privileges tied to their membership.

You can renounce your role badge at any time if you no longer wish to accept these eligibility requirements.


Community Members are responsible for generating feedback and signals (such as approval or dissent) for various aspects and stages of the protocol during its development.

To be considered active and eligible for rewards, community members should make some effort to fulfill these role responsibilities:

  • Participate constructively in the #wp-chat and wp-discussion channels on the community Discord.

  • Attend regular community calls (or listen to their recordings) to learn about the project and its latest progress updates.



Participation in this project will be tracked using Sourcecred and Wonderverse Quests. Participants will be awarded our community token, $ENERGY, to acknowledge their engagement and contributions.

$ENERGY token holders may be entitled to certain perks in the future. Check out the Rewards page for more information.

Membership Badges

Members will be issued non-transferable role badges upon joining the community. Badges can be used to access private community spaces and signal your consent to receive collectible participation rewards.

Badges are issued through Hats Protocol and may be renounced at any time using the Hats App. You can also ask a team member to remove your badge for you. Renouncing your membership badge will revoke your membership privileges, but not your collectibles and rewards.

Check out the Hats Protocol Docs for more information about your role badge.

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