An Overview of Web3

For those who are new to crypto/web3, here are some simple resources you can use to gain a foundation of knowledge on the underlying technology and what it makes posssible.

A basic knowledge of crypto/web3 concepts will help you in two main ways.

  1. Firstly it will help you understand and engage with the different crypto/web3 tools and practices that we will be using to coordinate community participation in this project.

  2. But more importantly, having a basic understanding of the core concepts of crypto/web3 will help you understand and engage with the core idea of the energy labelling protocol and of all the possible innovations that can stem from it.

In Web3 For 2030 (a project we created for the UNDP), we cover the fundamentals of crypto/web3, how to understand its evolution - from speculative beginnings, to new technology paradigm, and how it can enable positive social and environmental impact.

For those new to crypto/web3 wanting to gain a quick overview of the subject, we recommend working through the following sections in Web3 For 2030:

  • A brief history of the web

  • Cryptographic trust

  • Early landscape

To go deeper into how crypto/web3 is emerging as a technological paradigm, work through the section titled How to think about technological change.

The section entitled Web3 opportunities will help you understand the novel mechanisms and dynamics at play. These will help you make sense of the transformational potential of the Windfall Protocol project.

The rest of the document relates to the UNDP and the SDGs more specifically. But do refer to the section on Technology Risks to understand the reality of things like the energy consumption of blockchains or privacy and security issues if these are of particular concern for you.

If after this introduction you are interested to go deeper, the following resources have some useful write-ups, programmes and other material that goes deeper into specific aspects of crypto/web3.

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