Participation rewards for active members of the Windfall Protocol Community.

Members can earn rewards (digital collectables) through their participation in discussions and community activities.

These non-financial rewards are meant to recognize those who bring value to the community by interacting with others, sharing knowledge, inviting new members, attending events and engaging in a variety of other ways.

Rewards are issued on the Optimism Network, creating a publicly verifiable, privacy-preserving record of participation in the Windfall Protocol community. In the future, the community may choose to use reward balances for coordination purposes such as reputation, token gating or governance distributions.

Community Token ($ENERGY)

Community Members will be rewarded for their participation via the $ENERGY token. Members can opt in to receive these tokens by filling out the Sign-Up Form.

  • Completing onboarding quests

  • Attending community calls and other events

  • Participating in the Windfall Protocol discord channels

  • Sharing ideas, networking and inviting others to the community

$ENERGY is used to unlock free digital collectibles and exclusive experiences. It also provides an onchain contribution graph to enable future utility drops like special recognition, contribution opportunities, governance weight or other non-financial benefits. It is intended to have zero monetary value (even in the future).

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to earn $ENERGY?

Everyone in the Windfall Protocol project! Tokens go to members of the Project Community. You can join the Project Community here.

How do I earn $ENERGY?

The token will be awarded to community members based on their contributions to the community conversations.

  • For members of the Pilot Stakeholder Group this can be contributions to designs, giving feedback and voting to signal support for drafts of the Litepaper.

  • For other Project Community members it can be things like starting or contributing to community conversations, bringing in new community members and sharing research and insights.

What can I do with $ENERGY?

$ENERGY builds up in your wallet and acts as a reputation metric. It demonstrates that you have been making valuable contributions to the community.

A higher amount of $ENERGY in your wallet can qualify you to unlock community features and play a larger role in the project community as it evolves.

The more $ENERGY you have the more votes you will have on community proposals on things like design directions for the project. The most engaged members of the community earn the right to have a greater say in the direction of the community (and by extension, the protocol).

You can also use your $ENERGY tokens to unlock commemorative NFTs that may be launched to celebrate milestones in this project.

How does the $ENERGY token work?

There is a fixed supply of 1 million $ENERGY tokens.

These are allocated to your wallet and should not be sold or given to anyone else.

When you want to unlock access to a feature of the community, the system will query your wallet and ascertain whether you have the requisite $ENERGY tokens to qualify for the access you are requesting.

When you vote on community proposals the system will query your wallet and allow you to vote with the $ENERGY tokens that are in your wallet.

The $ENERGY token is not designed to have a monetary value or be a financial asset.

What are the mechanisms by which I can earn $ENERGY?

Sourcecred - is a system that monitors discord and github and rewards you with points based on different types of interactions that you have on these platforms (see here for more details)

Over time we will institute participation mechanisms like Quests, Bounties and Tasks which will create opportunities to earn more $ENERGY tokens.

Where do I start?

Just start engaging in conversations in discord and contributing feedback on gitbook/github and you will automatically start earning $ENERGY.

If you are an active and valuable member of the community $ENERGY will come to you.

You can see your $ENERGY balance by looking in your wallet.

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